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Mark and Spencer is a company that is renowned in almost the whole world. Mark and Spencer has been in the market for a long time now. The only reason behind their successful industry is their constant customer satisfaction. Mark and Spencer has designed a survey at  especially to know the likes and dislikes of their customers to improve their products and provide the best experience to their customers.

MS Customer Survey

M&S is now also offering $250 sweepstakes to its customers who visit its store. Have you shopped at M$S? How had your experience been with M&S? Do they need to improve anything? Give your honest opinions and loyal feedback and reviews to Mark and Spencer and get a chance to win a sweepstake of $250.

Still Do Not Know What Mark And Spencer Is?

M$S is a UK based retail company which deals in men, women clothing, home products, and food. The company originated first in 1884 and now currently has more than 700 stores in the United Kingdom and around 350 stores all over the world. Mark and Spencer always work hard to provide high quality goods and products to its customers.

History Of Mark And Spencer:

Michael Marks and Thomas Spencer started this company using their surnames. Soon they got famous in the market with the names of “Marks and Spencers” and they were renowned for for selling British made goods. They formed a strong partnership with British manufacturers to sell cuisine and clothing under the name of St. Michaels introduced in the year 1928. They used a strange strategy to gain customer satisfaction. The strategy was to accept the return of unwanted goods with money back guarantee if the customer shows the original receipt of the good no matter how long ago the customer bought the product.

By the year 1950, all goods of Marks and Spencers were being sold under the name of St. Michael. After the death of Simon Marks, the company started emphasizing on the quality of products and came up with a new slogan “The customer is always and completely right!” They also installed thermostatically controlled refrigerators in 1963.

The biggest expansion of Mark and Spencer took place when they took their steps in Asian food and started some new of the stores in the Europe. The first store to open in Asia took place in Kabul, Afghanistan in the year 1960. They also expanded their business to Canada in the year 1973. However, the stores in Canada did not have wide range of products in their stores. The company faced a huge loss in 1999 and all shops were closed due to it. The company then expanded its business to France in two famous cities of France. This expansion also turned out to be a flop and the company decided to sell all of its shops in 2001. However, another store was opened after a long time at Champs Elysees which sold clothes and cuisine for the customers.

History Of Mark And Spencer:

The largest store of Mark and Spencer is located on Oxford Street, London at the Marble Arch. The store covers an area of 16000 square meters. The second largest store is at Cheshire Oaks, outside of London. However, the third largest store of Mark and Spencer is located in Warrington at the Gemini Retail Park.

Procedure To Win $250 Sweepstakes With


  • You should be over 18 years of age or an adult to participate in the survey.
  • You should have a store receipt of Mark and Spencer with you to prove that you have shopped from Mark and Spencer.
  • You should have any cellphone or laptop or any other device that have internet connectivity.
  • Whatever device you use for the survey should have JavaScript enabled on the browser at your device.
  • Information like Survey Code, Email, should be taken from your receipt to enter in the survey:
  • Apart from this, you will be needing a small portion of your time like few minutes to fill up the survey with your honest opinions and reviews. Also give suggestions for improvements.

Instructions To Fill Up The Survey Form:

You can visit to find out all the instructions on the page there. Make sure to read them carefully before filling up the survey form because it is very important to know all the basic complexities of the survey in order to do it in the right way and get yourself registered among the lucky people who can earn $250 as sweepstakes by Mark and Spencer. Make sure to provide your unbiased and impartial opinions in the survey to avoid from being disqualified from the lucky draw.

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